About JT

It’s so true that nature has already created its masterpiece and all an artist has to do is copy it. That said you need a natural love of your subject if you’re going to dedicate most of your life to painting it. I always tell people paint what inspires you, as that’s what I do. I still get exited every time I put a blank canvas on the easel.


Prior to being an artist I was an artiste! This has been beneficial in my art career especially as guest artist aboard the fleets of Cunard and P&O as I have an almost unique talent of being able to paint whilst doing impersonations! My previous career saw me as a cabaret artiste, comedian and impersonator. Then I went on to teach myself guitar, playing an incredible 1500 professional ‘gigs’! These days I have no interest in the guitar.. it’s all about the paintbrush!


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